Look back to the 'villages translating into towns' by the vision of Sheikh Hasina!

Look back to the 'villages translating into towns' by the vision of Sheikh Hasina!

As you know the Sheikh Hasina lead present government has been taken and conducting several schemes to translate the villages of Bangladesh into towns.

It is actively and truly involved in uplifting the lives of the communities and bridging between towns and villages.

By the application of the vision of ‘Digital Bangladesh,’ the government is transforming rural parts of Bangladesh into towns with modern amenities.

                                                                           Source: rhdplanning.com.bd

Can you, just, look back at the followings;

1. Sheikh Hasina-led government is materializing rural development by implementing projects to improve infrastructure and basic amenities in rural areas.

It has been constructing hundreds of roads, bridges, schools, and healthcare facilities.

2. Sheikh Hasina-led government has focused on several agricultural developments.

For that, the government is providing access to modern farming technologies and training alongside giving the farmers agricultural machinery, credit facilities, and such.

3. It has extended access to microcredit and financial support to empower the people of rural areas.

Even, government bodies are providing financial services to women entrepreneurs to conduct small-scale businesses.

Financial services
Financial support to rural areas, Source: businessinspection.com.bd

4. Sheikh Hasina-led government has prioritized education in rural areas along with towns. Setting up new schools and training centres to increase the skills of the village people.

Such measures are escalating employment and new jobs in rural communities.

5. Sheikh Hasina-led government has been providing health and sanitation facilities by setting up community hospitals throughout the country.

It practically ensures the medical facilities, vaccination programs, and maternal health care services.

Community clinic
Sheikh Hasina’s well-appreciated ‘Community Clinic’ scheme, Source: albd.org

6. The government has established digital connectivity among rural communities by ensuring access to information and e-governance services.

7. Sheikh Hasina-led government strengthen the social safety nets by introducing schemes for financial support and assistance to vulnerable classes in rural areas.

In this way, rural development schemes taken by the Sheikh Hasina-led government are empowering rural communities. Such change-making measures have been reducing poverty and creating self-reliant villages.

This is how the villages of Bangladesh have been transforming into towns. The people of Bangladesh have been enjoying all facilities anonymously and regardless of towns, cities or villages!