Top 5-Smart and Small Business Idea in Bangladesh for Fresh Graduates

Top 5-Smart and Small Business Idea in Bangladesh for Fresh Graduates

People usually want to know the small business idea in Bangladesh.

Though the fresh graduates like to do a traditional job in the perspective of Bangladesh, they can choose any one of the bellow’s business idea to generate a regular income source.

Today the concept of the profession has changed among the students. All the students do not rush behind the traditional job of 9-5. They think works morally supported could be a profession.

The job market in Bangladesh is not as wide as the proportion of the yearly fresh graduates is too big today. In this regard, their thinking is time befitting and practical.

Choosing the right alternative profession is a question can make you thoughtful. People have been engaged in diverse types of the profession in the country.

At your situation which one is suitable and honorable for you since you have finished your graduation recently?



Search for a right one that is smart and you as a graduate most suitable. Here, you should exercise your education as well. In this regard, you can search for a small business idea in Bangladesh.

Here you will get top 5- smart and small business idea in Bangladesh. You can choose any one as these are profitable and suitable for you. You can use your education to operate and improve the business.


small business idea in Bangladesh


Small Business Idea in Bangladesh: Book Stall

Since you are a fresh graduate and decided not to do any traditional job, as a small business in Bangladesh you can operate a bookstall.

You are an educated person. Making profitable your business depends on you; how you operate it, how you use your education here.

To run a bookstall, you can easily use your education. Only an educated person knows about good books; how much is it interesting, how much it useful is.

By running a bookstall, you can increase your knowledge as well. At your leisure, you can read your favorite book by picking up one from your shop. It would really be an interesting matter.

Food Making

As the small business idea in Bangladesh, you can make a small-scale food making factory. Here also need the educated person.

Food is the essential thing in the life of people. It should be made by maintaining all types of hygiene, appropriate ingredients and such.

Only an educated person can do this job properly. The life of the people is connected with the food they eat daily. That’s why people have the right of getting fresh food.

The scene is different today in Bangladesh. In most of the sectors of the food production are corrupted, they make adulterated food all the time. As a result, people are becoming sick and attacked by various diseases.

So, a fresh graduate when looking for a work should select such a small business idea in Bangladesh.

Small Business Idea in Bangladesh: Tech Shop

This is the age of technology. Most of the daily work of the people depends on the various materials related to technology. Men buy and sell the tech materials daily and hugely.

If you want to get a small business idea in Bangladesh, you can simply choose the business of the product related to technology. It may be a shop with tech product or importer of the materials people use in this era of technology.

For example, you can run an import or shop business of mobile-related tech product. Al most every young and adult have been using the mobile today in Bangladesh. So, it has a big market in Bangladesh.

This sector also needs the educated people. To deal with various types of tech product, you need to know the English since the entire tech product imported in Bangladesh are named in English. This is your opportunity that you are graduate and know read and write in English very well.

You need to communicate with the foreigner in English through email or directly talk to the foreigners over the phone. Or, you may need to participate in an international seminar related to technology.

Here, only sector of the tech product is noted as an example. There are hundreds of technology items for dealing every day.

Home Delivery Agent

Among much small business idea in Bangladesh, the home delivery agency job is very popular one today. In the perspective of Bangladesh, it is a profitable business and suitable for the fresh graduates who do not want to do the traditional job.

People of Bangladesh now are habituated in online shopping. Hundreds of e-commerce websites have been established in Bangladesh for doing local and global business.

The product they purchase online deliver by the retailers through any home delivery agent and the agents get paid very well for that job.

You can build a team for delivering product to the customers of the online shops. Such delivering job is exciting and profitable.

Vehicle for Ride Sharing

One of the most profitable and trendy small business ideas in Bangladesh is ride sharing. As a private car owner, you can drive your car and pick up other person to reach them to their destination.

This is a mobile application based job you also can do. You can buy one or two more cars and employ drivers to drive them by sharing with other passengers.

The drive sharing operator will be paid by the app authority. So, as much as you can add cars in this business and you can earn more.

Bottom Line

Therefore, the small business idea in Bangladesh is a matter of huge option of doing business for earning money. You can generate income source by accepting any one of the ideas. If you can successfully operate the business, you will of course be able to establish a sustainable source of income.

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