Sheikh Hasina-led Government Materialized the Country’s Advancement in 7 Basic Needs of the People!

Sheikh Hasina-led Government Materialized the Country’s Advancement in 7 Basic Needs of the People!

How Sheikh Hasina becomes a change maker!

Bangladesh’s economic progression is currently considered a wonder to many global guardianship (!) organizations and actors from states and non-states.

How the bottomless basket (so-called) is filled up with valuable affluence, how prosperity is touching the core of the people of Bangladesh today!

Sheikh Hasina 7 basic needs



We should not just see, we should try to feel it! Behind this success-wonder, how much hard work Sheikh Hasina invested!

Following are a few from many more of her mega accomplishments;

1. Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

  • Financing farmers
  • Providing high-quality seeds, fertilizers
  • Research for diverse agro production
  • Educating farmers with modern methods

2. Healthcare

  • Established 18,000 community clinics
  • Ensuring maternity care everywhere
  • Hygiene awareness among children
  • Awareness training for healthcare providers
  • Increasing capacity of hospitals
  • Modern training for nurses
  • Addressing the pandemic

3. Education

  • Increased literacy rate
  • Financial support for students
  • Free textbooks distribution
  • Prioritizing science and technology
  • Increasing availability of tertiary education
  • Priority on female students
  • Addressing the pandemic

4. Shelters

  • Home for homeless
  • Housing fund for those who only have land
  • Hostels for garment workers
  • Modern housing for slum-dwellers

5. Women and Marginalized groups

  • Social safety programs
  • 60% quota for women in teaching jobs
  • National Women Development Policy
  • Recruitment in every level of govt jobs
  • Women representatives in local government are now mandatory

6. Child Welfare

  • Primary education is free and compulsory
  • Acts and policies to stop abusing women and children
  • Children’s welfare policies
  • Banishing child labour
  • Available childcare facilities
  • Multi-faceted programs against violence
  • Sports
  • Scholarships and financial help

7. Financial inclusion

  • Mobile financial services
  • Dedicated bank for Small enterprises
  • Micro savings
  • Matching incentives to encourage savings

This is how Sheikh Hasina becomes a change-maker.