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Your personal information is always confidential to us. When you visit we will preserve the information related to you with high care and not be shared with the third party. The information we will receive and collect at the time of your navigating the site must be kept with safeguard.

Log Files

Like most other sites, we collect and use the information having in the log files, including the IP address, Internet service provider, your browser used for searching, etc. We also preserve the site visiting time along with the pages visited by you on our site.
Cookies and Web Beacons

When you visit our site we use cookies to store the information like your personal preference. It may take in viewing a popup one time at your visit and the aptitude to log in any of our key feature, it may be forum.

We envisage the other party’s advertisements on Money Kerb and few of such an ad might use technical aspects like cookies and bonfires at the time of advertising on our site. It also forwards the advertiser’s information along with the IP address, ISP, your using the browser when you visit our site and sometimes at installing the flash.

DoubleClick DART cookies

Through the Google’s double-click; we may use the DART cookies. It also may be used for serving the ad through Google’s double-click by placing a cookie on your computer at the time web browsing and by double-click advertising visits a site. Here the cookie is used to serve up your certain advertise and interest. Based on your previous browsing history, the ads are to be targeted. The non-personally identifiable information uses by DART that does not follow your personal information regarding name, email ID, address, phone number, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. You will get the option to avoid the ads rationing on all sites and using this ad when you visit

By managing by running preferences in any certain programs, you can select to put out of action or turn off our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings. This action may affect your capacity to interrelate with our site and other websites, and it may take account of the failure to log in to services or programs, like the disability of sign in on the forums or account.

However, removing cookies is not the matter that you are permanently avoiding any advertising curriculum. If you have not been set that forbid cookies, in the latter you visit a site operating the ads, will add a new cookie.

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