Padma Bridge: Is it a Pride of Bangladesh or Curse?

Padma Bridge: Is it a Pride of Bangladesh or Curse?

The Padma Bridge! As you know it has materialized!

The Padma Bridge of Bangladesh is the fruit of the ‘Took Challenge.’ And, the challenge was taken by Bangladesh’s Prime Minister and the President of Bangladesh Awami League, Sheikh Hasina about what the international community is quite knowledgeable.

Padma Bridge
Padma Bridge: the Pride of Bangladesh!

Now should be knowledgeable about ‘being a pride,’ of the Padma Bridge!

How Padma Bridge is contributing to the country’s economy, and to the people of Bangladesh!

-15,000+ vehicles used the bridge on average daily

169km Padma Bridge rail link to boost connectivity and trade

– BDT 800 crore ($74.4 million) tolls collected in 1 year

– Padma Bridge is esľimaľed ľo boosľ GDP of ľhe souľh by 2%

– Regional poverty rate to drop by 1%

– Push up the national GDP by 1.3%

– The bridge’s Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR) is estimated1.6

– Economic Internal Rate of Return (ERR) 21 southwesľern districts

– Wages in ľhe directly connected areas will increase by 4%

– 17 Industrial parks being set up by the government in southwestern districts

– 100 companies bought industrial land in Barisal districts

– New garments factories are being set up in districts like Barisal and Shariatpur


Many more development projects are going to establish in the southwestern districts of Bangladesh!

All together is contributing to the country’s GDP!

Hence, the question is to you: Is it a Pride of Bangladesh or a Curse?


Source: CRI.ORG.BD