Money laundering law: Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering law: Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering law is a subject related to the rules and regulation of handling and transferring money domestic and to the international arena. You are doing business and job, mostly related to money transferring or need to transfer money for business purpose or else.

So, the money laundering law will keep safe and secure you as well as your currency you deal with. In this regard, it is to be confidently said that, the Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering will be your dependable associate.

For getting ins and out of the irregularities and prevention in handling the currency through the banking channel and beyond, you can pick this authoritative book out.

Features and Specifications of Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering

Money Laundering Regulations

Most importantly, this book provides the definition of the money laundering that will help you understand the irregularities happening across the world. IMF is emphasizing on the appropriate arrangement for detecting the money laundering as well as preventing of it. In this regard, this book will be the expected guideline for all concern.

Practical Guidance

When you think about the money laundering law, you will get practical guidance regarding regulations of the movement of money. It comes with the issues of handling money through legal channels as well as the operation of the bank as the place of the transaction of currency. In your real-life activity, you can use the norms of dealing with money by using the text as a hold of information.

Global Perception

Since you are aware of the global implication of money laundering law, this handbook will provide you the protocols used across the world. You will be in hand with some specific matter in details that helps you understanding the authentic principals in this field.



Prime Practices

Getting a concept about the major institution’s behavior regarding dealing with currency. Here, you will be knowledgeable on the Wolfsberg Principles and Financial Action Task Force guidance. Additionally, it will provide the related issued on the U.S. Patriot Act, the up-to-date principles maintain in the EU and Bank for International Settlements.

Offering Country-Based Information

You may need to know the rules and regulations of money transferring about a particular country or the global pattern of money laundering. Whatever the query is about a specific country or international rule, this text will help you understand the matter in detail.

Up to Date Information

In the changing scenario of the global issues, regulations related to money management of transaction is also shifting to a new form or new rule comes in place. The Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering will offer you a complete money laundering law with all current outputs.

Measures for Anti-Money Laundering

Do you want to take a step against money laundering? Well, by getting The Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering, you can deeply knowledgeable on the money laundering law that will help you a lot at setting the measures for anti-money laundering.



Close Monitoring of the Money Management

Knowing about money laundering law will make your skill in monitoring the money matter at your organization. You may operate a bank or any other financial institution. In the regard, you need to keep the office environment and the activity of the officials and clients in close monitoring. This book containing money laundering law will be the right choice for getting an appropriate guideline.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, money laundering law is an issue that needs to keep in the knowledge bank of a person works or deal with a financial organization. Or, people who frequently handle the currency issues should keep a copy of this book for applying the up to date money laundering law all the way in their regular works.