Sheikh Hasina a leader of Party, People and Politics imprisoned by army-backed caretaker!

Sheikh Hasina a leader of Party, People and Politics imprisoned by army-backed caretaker!

In 2007, in Bangladesh, happened an unfortunate imprisonment! That was the confinement of Sheikh Hasina!

Sheikh Hasina is the name of a ‘development wonder’ today. Some of you labelled her the ‘iron lady,’ some of you call ‘mother of humanity’ or the ‘daughter of democracy.’ The international communities consider her the planner or creator of development, a change maker or a leader of the masses.

Sheikh Hasina is truly more than that. She loves her country, and its people, and does the development work for the people of the country.

You know, Sheikh Hasina, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh was captured and imprisoned by the army-backed so-called caretaker government of Bangladesh on July 16, 2007 that was completely illegal that later proven!

But, the so-called caretaker did not take care of the following-

Leader of a Party

Sheikh Hasina is a leader of the Bangladesh Awami League,

Sheikh Hasina has been leading the party for a long time,

She did hard work for organizing the party and became successful in that.

leader of a party

A leader of a party

Leader of People

Sheikh Hasina feels the pulse of the people of Bangladesh,

Sheikh Hasina lives within the people,

She has been loved by the people of the country.

Sheikh Hasina a leader of the people

Leader of Politics

Sheikh Hasina does politics for the people of the country,

Sheikh Hasina creates people in politics,

Sheikh Hasina does the politics of democracy and development which made her the top political personality globally.

leader of politics

Sheikh Hasina World’s 3rd Honest Politician

Hence, the so-called caretaker became unsuccessful in taking care of Sheikh Hasina, they released her, and Sheikh Hasina started to live again amongst the people. People made Sheikh Hasina the primer of the country.

What a wrongful deed did the then-so-called caretaker!