Establish a Day Care Center in Dhaka

Establish a Day Care Center in Dhaka

Establishing a day care center in Dhaka city is a matter of service for helping the working parents and it would be a small business as well. You know that people living in Dhaka are busy with their work of job and business.

Children of the parents who work outside the house need extra care. Since the parents work for the whole day, they cannot allow time to the children in the daytime. So, a day care center in Dhaka is really an essential institution for the children whose father and mother are professional or engaged in work the whole day.

Though the day care center is a service-oriented institution, you can run one as a small business. By operating such establishment you can earn money.


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Maybe you have completed your graduation recently. Now, searching for a job for generating an income source. In this regard running a day care center in Dhaka could be a business that facilitates you in making money at the same time; you will get the opportunity to take care the children.

Take Child Care Training

If you have made the decision of establishing a day care center in Dhaka, you are one step ahead. Now you need to take training in child care. Caregiving to the child is the sensitive job. Here, you will deal with children of 2 to 8.
You have to learn a little child psychology so that understand the behavior of the children easily and handle them accordingly.

Choose a location and House

You need to select a location where you set up the day care center in Dhaka. A location suitable for a certain group of working people would be fine for setting up the center. In Dhaka, you will find many suitable lands for establishing the child care institute.

Rent a house with few floors that suitable for the children of various ages. You may need two or more separate rooms to segregate the children according to their age.

The house should have all the necessary amenities needed for the boys and girls. So, choosing the location and a suitable house is important for running a day care center in Dhaka.

Set up the Equipment

A day care center in Dhaka needed some certain kind of equipment. You need to set the child table and chair, child bed as well as some items for playing of the children.

You can hang on the wall some nice looking picture attracts the attention of the child. The most importantly, you have to keep various types of toys for the children. To a peaceful take caring the children keeping toys is quite necessary.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Since you would handle the children, the whole is of the center should keep neat and clean. You know well that children attacked by the various diseases easily related to dust and cold. The place you serve the food or meal to the children should also be cleaned all the way.

Appoint Staff

Initially, you have to appoint few staffs to look after the children. Staff, you will appoint should have the training on child care. It should not be a wise decision to deploy any untrained person here to take care the children.

Consultation with Parents

You should arrange a consultation program with the parents before finally starting the day care center in Dhaka. In this program, you can discuss various aspects of the children. You can take and record the opinion of the individual parents to know deeply about their child.
Such consultation will facilitate to handle the children. You will be able to take care them as per opinion get from the parents.

Therefore, the operation of a day care center in Dhaka city is a very special type of job. To run the child care institution you need to be trained up on the related job as well as the staff you will appoint must be trained up on the child caring job. You can easily earn money by getting a certain amount of service charge from the parents.

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