Democracy, Development and Diplomacy: Once Again Sheikh Hasian

Democracy, Development and Diplomacy: Once Again Sheikh Hasian

“Once Again Sheikh Hasian”-this slogan has become popular in Bangladesh and globally in recent days.

The people of Bangladesh and international communities expect and desire the Sheikh Hasina or Awami League to lead the government again in Bangladesh.

You know at the end of this year or early January 2024, the parliament elections will be held in Bangladesh.

Why is this general perception about elections created, and by this time, established among the people of the country, Bangladesh? Even the international communities are optimistic about Sheikh Hasina’s leadership.

To get the answer to this question, you can consider the democracy, development and diplomacy that have prevailed in Bangladesh in the last fifteen years.

Following are the reasons the people of Bangladesh desire to get Hasina’s government again.

1. Longlasting DEMOCRACY

Bangladesh Awami League wants to keep democracy in the state all the time. Sheikh Hasina has been working for democracy for a long time. She likes to participate in the elections. Hasina promotes democracy in the country and beyond. For this, Hasina needed to work hard and do something better for the people all the time.


2. Wide-ranging DEVELOPMENT

The country’s development initiatives are vibrantly visible to the masses. People are enjoying the fruit of economic development made by Sheikh Hasina. All mega projects have been taken by the Sheikh Hasina government really providing facilities to the general people.


3. Friendship with all ‘DIPLOMACY’

The Sheikh Hasina-led government is maintaining ‘friendship to all, malice to non’ that strengthens the existing friendship rather than making new enemies.  Such a diplomatic stance the international community desire the Hasina-led government once again.

These three dimensions have been working actively behind the election process in Bangladesh.

As a result, people in Bangladesh and abroad want Sheikh Hasina-led government again and the slogan ‘Once Again Sheikh Hasina’ has become popular.