Why Awami League is an election-oriented political party?

Why Awami League is an election-oriented political party?

Bangladesh Awami League, the largest and one of the oldest political parties in Bangladesh love to participate in the elections. What’s the reason behind this?

To snatch independence, Bangladesh had to lose 3 million lives and the chastity of two hundred thousand women of the land during the liberation war.

Earlier, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the premier political leader of the land, had to fight for people’s rights and dignity.

And, elections were the key aspect of that movement that was merely seen during the Pakistan period.

To keep democracy, political stability and development, making representation through elections is mandatory.

Bangabandhu: 1970’s elections result, Source: Wikimedia


So, the following are the reasons Awami League love to do elections;

To Secure Democracy

The election is one of the key components of democracy that the Bangladesh Awami League exercises.

For example, Awami League participated in the election of 1970 when political leaders from other parties wanted to boycott the election, but the result of that election impacted the then-political context and was a significant step in the democratic movement against the Pakistan Army government.

Similarly, in 1986 Awami League participated in the elections under the autocratic government to make a transition of Bangladesh into a democratic process.

Election’s Manifesto 2008, Bangladesh Awami League, Source: albd.org


To Maintain Political Stability

Political representation to the parliament and government and other local government institutions should be through a peaceful process. To keep this process on, an election is the best alternative practice all the time.

To Keep the Development On

Development activities are not alien to the democratic political process. Even, by maintaining a democratic process sustainable development is possible. In this connection, an election is the right way to get appropriate and competent representation, and that is desired by all.

election manifesto 2018

Awami League election manifesto 2018, Source: albd.org

Hence, the simple understanding is that to maintain a democratic process in politics the Bangladesh Awami League love to do and participate in the process of election to choose the right representation, and that is the key to sustainable development.

This is why, Awami League is an election-oriented political party!