Technology and Anti Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach

Technology and Anti Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach

Anti-Money Laundering is the most vital topic in the current days of developing advanced technology. People concerned with big-money matter are thoughtful about the prevention of the miss-management of the financial issues. And, for that, today they need to take necessary measures with taking into account the booming of technological encroachment.

Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach is a complete knowledge bank about handling the money matter. You will find it as a great resource regarding minimizing the money laundering caused by technological progression today.

For a better understanding of anti-money laundering, in this article, you will get the major features and the specifications of this text the Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach.
Anti-money laundering-Features and Specification-Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach

The Books about Anti Money Laundering

The author of this anti money laundering related book is Dionysios S. Demetis. He is the associate staff of the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. This book Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach contains 200 pages and come with hardcover.

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A System Theory of Anti Money Laundering

In the Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach, you will find this book as system theory of anti money laundering. It is full of resources about the control of money laundering.

Readers of this book will also be resourceful with the technological aspects of money laundering. One can know the technical operation of financial establishments. The managers of the bank or other financial institutions will get practical operation knowledge so that they can minimize the risk of happening the money laundering in their respective arena.

Practical Knowledge of Viable Technology of Anti Money Laundering

You may be worried about the technological aspects of the money laundering within your financial institution. Just by reading this book, you will be knowledgeable about creating a policy that is compatible with the modern technology used for international e-transaction of money.

Here, you will have the strategy of control of the total mechanism of technology-based money movement and the prevention of money laundering. The implementation of the formulated policy regarding this also may be the concern of you. This book also has streamlined this issue accordingly that you can follow.

Critical Issues of Anti Money Laundering

This text bypass the general misconception practiced by some old school professionals. The intuitive mind will get a solid theoretical explanation substance that could be exercised in research and practical use of anti money laundering.

The technical solution is a burning issue regarding the miss management of finance. The Technology and Anti-Money Laundering: A Systems Theory and Risk-Based Approach contribution revealed the analysis of the approach related to risk as well as the problems of it. The writer also suggested the possible techniques of sidestepping such unexpected technical issues.

Practical Case Studies

The practical knowledge regarding anti money laundering is quite necessary. By reading this text, you will find a profound case study of a particular financial institution that provides you a hands-on understanding regarding institutional operation.

You will also be acquainted with a case study of a certain ban that uses the technology of anti money laundering discussed the experiences of the operators.

Technological Aspect of Theory and Practical

The writer made clear two things about anti money laundering from the view of theoretical and real-world aspects that help better understanding the handling of crucial money matter. Here you will find the techniques of addressing the audacious goals of money laundering issues.

To encounter the risk-based approaches of managing money mismanagement, you would find this book with a solution of practical implementation of the measures taken to streamline the subject matter of money laundering.

Analysis of Information System and Anti Money Laundering

Readers will get a comprehensive analysis of information system regarding anti-money laundering. For conducting research about anti-money laundering, researchers will get a theoretical framework of coherent manner.

You will be acquainted with a case study related to EU-area along with the technological influence on anti-money laundering. Here also examined the role of technology in the arena of the issues of money laundering.

Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

Terrorism financing is the burning issue today. This book provides an important contemporary evolution within the supervisory initiatives about anti money laundering and terrorism financing.

This book of innovative ideas will demand to researchers of monetary crime and measures for removing the money laundering as well as those interested in information systems and systems theory related to anti money laundering issues.

Anti Money Laundering Issues for Practitioners

The practitioners of the anti money laundering issues will find valuable discussions considering various regarding risk-based approach as well as the integration of money laundering technology within institutions.

Moreover, you will be resourceful with information about the important data-mining application. Any money laundering reporting personnel in any financial organization will find this book wonderful one all the way.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, anti money laundering is a vital issue at the age of today’s online and internet banking. Lots of traditional measures are working behind this and have been trying to resolve the issues. Hope, this book would a vital addition for handling the matter related to technology used in the current banking and financial institution handling system. Well written technological issues, most of the real bankers and operators are pleased with worthy text.